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*420* Network - Conference Dashboard v0.0.6 alpha
Development status for

Conference Dashboard

Hey Everyone. I'm VE1DRU, the software developer behind the 420 Network. We needed a dashboard to oversee what's happening on the network. There's not a whole lot out there to use, so I've been making one.

So, here's a changelog for this project. I've called it "Conference Dashboard", because I have plans for it to interact with other Conference software, such as dmr, dstar, and ysf. As of now, it only supports theBridge echolink conference daemon.

While the Conference Dashboard is in heavy development, it's going to be basically information thrown at the screen. As I add features, I'll have a better idea of the direction I'll take for making a nice user interface for it. I enjoy building this page, but I only get to play with it in my spare time, so development is slow but consistent. Expect a release every weekend.

This project, known as "Conference Dashboard", will be open source, but is not available for download at this time.

Thank you for taking interest in this Conference Dashboard that I'm making.
73, VE1DRU

Local time in Calgary, Alberta: 2019-04-24 07:58 am

- Support xlxd (dstar)
- Support YSFreflector (YSF)
- Support Brandmeister (DMR)
- Support Echolink proxy

- Complete page rewrite to enable drag and drop of page components, and user select-able themes.
- Support remote theBridge server.
- Add the qrz database
  - add a map of stations
  - add name next to callsign
- Add personal messages to other admins on the site.
- Add a demo user to show what the admin side of the page looks like.
- make all log files search-able.

2019-02-23 23:52 pm - v0.0.6 alpha
  - Moved all commands into the Advanced section of the site.
  - Added a universal back button, for ease of site navigation.
  - Added a link to a live copy of each previous version of this site to the changelog page.
  - Added a quick settings section to the advanced page.
  - lots of styling and moving things around the page.
  - Converted the logs to use the viewers timezone.
  - Added qrz link to callsigns in the logs.
  - Added a recording section to the advanced page.
  - Modified the Online stations list to show stations that are logged in via another station.
2019-02-16 18:09 pm - v0.0.5 alpha
  - Organized the user interface.
    - Moved all of the admin commands from the station list to a dropdown menu.
    - Moved some station info to a mouseover tooltip in the station list.
  - Added an option to color code permanent stations.
  - Added an "All stations" command section.
  - Added the number of online RF stations.
2019-02-03 00:54 am - v0.0.4 alpha
  - Officially titled the project, Conference Dashboard.
  - Rewrote qrz lookup code.
  - Added Banned Stations.
  - Added Server stats.
2019-01-26 00:40 am - v0.0.3 alpha
  - Added option to change the sender of a chat message.
2019-01-21 00:15 am - v0.0.2 alpha
  - Mass organization of the code.
  - Added a database
  - Added a changelog section.
  - Added a advanced section.
  - Added a profile section.
  - Added theBridge daemon config and server controls to the advanced section.
  - Added option to change user password to the profile section.
  - Added a talk timer to record the length of transmissions.
  - Added personal user login.
  - Added cookies to save login set for one week.
[before the changelog] - v0.0.1 alpha
  - Created a new project based on code from EcholinkConfMgr by WD6AWP, KC4YOZ and WB6YMH.
  - Added a user login system.
  - Added a user role system to restrict page elements.
  - Added Connect a station.
  - Added Edit the Conference description. 
  - Added Send chat messages.
  - Added Set server busy status.
  - Added display the server status.
  - Added display number of online stations.
  - Added section for link and repeater stations.
  - Added section for logs.
  - Added Chat log tab.
  - Added Server log tab.
  - Added Split mode tab, for viewing multiple logs.
  - Added Offline last heard tab.
  - Added an on/off switch for the data update timer.
  - Added mouseover tooltips to give more information about certain page items.
  - Added a filter so all callsigns are now linked to qrz.